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Are you an actor in need of an awesome Voice Over Demo? Need to put an audition on tape and have a reader that actually knows what their doing? Need some new headshots? Foxhole can help. We offer great deals and can bundle packages together if you're looking for the whole nine yards.

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Voice Over Demos

If you’re interested in being a V/O artist, having a demo to display your vocal skills is a must. Foxhole is one of Chicago’s leading V/O Demo producers, and offers some of the best rates in town. Foxhole V/O demos are produced by Foxhole founder Tim Frank who is a working Actor and V/O artist signed with Stewart Talent and a professor of V/O Demo Production at Columbia College. Click here to listen to past Voice Over Demos we've produced.


Everyone knows if you want to be an Actor, you must have a headshot. But what everyone DOESN’T know, is that headshots are not just about a nice smile. It’s about capturing a thought, conveying emotion, and showing who you are in a single frame. Tyler Core is Foxhole’s resident headshot photographer and is one of the best in Chicago. He gets it, and can make sure you look like you do, too.


Do you have that awesome opportunity to self tape your audition? If you need a quiet space with pro gear and a trained reader, Foxhole has you covered. Looking for a little coaching as well? Our readers/coaches are professionals who are currently working in TV, Film, and Theatre from coast to coast. "Foxhole is a marriage between high production quality, and expert guidance …A recipe for a fu*king great tape!" – Sam Samuelson (Agent – Stewart Talent)

Personal Training

Your body is one of the most important tools you need to be an actor and staying in shape goes a long way. Sometimes you need a little motivation to get you moving and Ian Custer is the man with the plan. Ian is an Actor and professional trainer who has been helping people get in peak physical condition for years. Questions and consultations are always free. Make the move today and get in shape!

Self-Taping Society

The acting business is hard. We get it. And a perfect audition is even harder to come by. Any number of factors can affect you. Maybe your reader gave you nothing or you woke up late and your hair was a situation. So when you hear the magical words “self tape,” you now have the chance for that fabled perfect audition. Easy right? But now you need:

High quality camera, lights and microphone, a reader/coach you can work with, and a supportive, relaxed, and professional environment.

That’s where we come in. At The Foxhole, our readers/coaches are professionals who are currently working in TV, film and theatre from coast to coast. Our vibe is friendly, focused, and respectful of your work. And our high-end equipment and video editors are at your disposal.

You bring the talent, we’ll take care of the rest.

Call 773-754-7105 for more information.

The Voice Over Workshop

Beginners and Veterans alike, come to Foxhole for our Voice Over Workshop on select Sundays at noon! Meet guest speakers from the Voice Over industry, practice Voice Over in the booth, get valuable, honest, NON SUGAR COATED feed back, and receive a professional mp3 recording of your session via email after the workshop. You recordings are yours to do with as you please, add to your own demo, or just listen back to hear how you applied the notes you were given. We'll also talk about setting up a home studio of your own, recommended gear, and how to get started in VO even before you get an Agent. Bagels and Beverages will be served.

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